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A10 Box Makers Dovetail Jig - Gifkins
A10 Box Makers Dovetail Jig - Gifkins

Price: $399.99

Sku: 155566
The A10 Gifkins Box Maker's Dovetail Jig, with pin size 3/8˝ and pin spacing 13/16˝, is suited for material up to ½˝ thick and 12˝ wide. The result is very precise dovetail joinery. The Gifkins jig is ideal for boxes, drawers and other small pieces requiring clean, accurate, through-cut dovetail joints. After the initial setup, there is no need to make a trial joint every time you use the jig. Once adjusted, the Gifkins Box Makers Dovetail Jig always gives you exactly the same fit, no matter the timber thickness, with automatic alignment of the edges. Included are a Standard A10 template, ¼˝ shank straight and dovetail carbide cutters with top bearings, two adjustable stops and extra shims.

The new and improved A10 Gifkins Dovetail Jig is made from aluminium, making it that much sturdier and even more reliable for producing tight and clean joints in boxmaking applications up to 13mm thickness. It uses a table mounted router giving you far greater safety and precision, and works brilliantly on any router table. Unlike other jigs, you get the same perfect fit every time, whatever thickness timber you use. It comes standard with a second sliding stop, improving the accuracy and usefulness of the jig. The jig is ready to use, fully assembled straight from the box, and features micro adjustment to get the fit you want fast and easily. The A10 Gifkins Dovetail Jig uses its own special tungsten carbide tipped router bits, made by CARB-I-TOOL in Melbourne, which are included in the packages. All bits come fitted with a bearing on the shank. The Standard Package contains all you need to cut perfect dovetails or finger joints once you have a router mounted in a table and 1 or 2 clamps.


  • Dovetail Jig w/ template
  • cutters
  • spare adjusting shim
  • Two sliding stops
  • Instructions

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